Booking rules


booking rulesThe rules of the airline reservation

For booking you need to know a few details.

• Your data and the data of persons who will fly with you, must be specified exactly as you write.

• Name, surname, patronymic should be reported under the rules of the booking form ticket Cyrillic or Latin, as indicated in the fields on the booking form.

• Do not forget to check with Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Consulate of the country of destination or transit the list of required documents that must be you and your children for the flight in this country.

• All fields when booking flights abroad are filled with Latin letters, when travelling in Russia fields are filled with Russian letters.

• Reservations are considered to be completed after you have filled in all fields of online booking form and received an order number and armor.

The list of necessary documents to obtain tickets.

• Passport (a passport or a national passport). For booking, you must specify: last name, first name, date of birth, nationality, passport number and contact details.

• At discharge child ticket required birth certificate.

Cost of services

• The price of the ticket in the system includes all service charges.

• All payments are made in rubles.

• Payment by credit card, electronic money, in Euroset or Connected, through the payment terminal QIWI, Bank transfer or cash in the office.

General provisions

• The main advantage of online booking is save your time, convenience and comfort. You, without leaving your home you will be able to make a reservation and purchase of the necessary tickets.

• Ticket entitles the passenger and his Luggage, according to the specified route and class.

• The passenger is allowed to transportation upon presentation of a passport and e-ticket.

• If payment does not occur within the agreed time, you will cancel your reservation, it is necessary to consider.

• If you wish to return, exchange or rebook your tickets, you should as soon as possible to contact the Agency through which you made the purchase or reservation, to report their data and the desired actions. Data your Agency you will be able to find your email in the email you received when making the reservation or purchase.

• Return the value of the unused ticket is in accordance with airline regulations.

• The earlier you book your tickets, the more you will save. So it is recommended to book at least two or three months, of course, if there is such a possibility.

• Please note that the booking of tickets with a departure date falling on weekends or holidays will cost you more than the date of departure on weekdays.

• It would be more profitable to purchase tickets immediately at both ends, the value of these tickets is almost always cheaper than the price of a one-way ticket.


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