While for some reason in another city or country, we want to worry about the safety of their belongings, especially to think about accidents and their unpleasant consequences (fractures, diseases, and so on). In any case, going in connection with a business trip, training or private tourist interest in another city (country), the traveler must protect themselves from possible misery, so as to prevent anything not in our power.

insuranceInsurance services are also those authorities that will issue You a medical or other insurance in a foreign country, so You will feel much calmer.

Types of insurance allow you to compensate as material losses incurred as well as physical, for example, to Finance treatment due to an accident.

Types and possible travel insurance:

Insurance companies allow tourists through the use of a number of specialized insurance to compensate the financial costs.

Standard medical insurance policies can help tourists when you encounter health problems in a foreign country, it provides for necessary medical procedures and even hospitalization (if needed). If you plan long-term treatment, the patient help to go to the hospital in his country, and if the patient does not - are invited to visit his family. All related expenses insurance company takes over.

Accident insurance provides more opportunities. In addition to the ambulance, due to serious injuries, which have caused significant harm to the health of the traveller and not allow him at the end of the leave to return to work, the tourist is fully refundable damage.

Liability insurance is one of the significant, but not everyone knows the type of insurance. This insurance is especially important during the long stay of the tourist in a foreign city or country. In case of accidental damage (which should be absolutely proven) to property or health of a foreigner on the part of the traveler, all expenses covered by the insurance company.

Insurance against loss of baggage enables you to restore the value lost due to certain reasons of things. Compensation does not occur in case of loss of baggage by the fault of the tourist, it is possible only if the loss was caused by the transport company or as a result of flood, fire, natural disasters.

Green card is the most beneficial for all traveling in a personal car, which insure tourists from all manner of actions, causes harm to his life, health or property while it is in transit.

Insurance against parole - type of travel insurance, which compensates the realized costs of the planned journey if the insured person has to cancel the trip. The reasons why insurance coverage applies only emergency - receiving subpoenas or the police, illness or death of relatives, etc.


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