All Russian carriers have already switched to booking plane tickets online.

The main advantages of e-tickets is the ability of the customer to make the route of his journey, the seat on the plane, associated services for the taste. The advantage for the airline is to save money on letterhead and overhead costs, the possibility of increasing profits through direct sales of tickets online.

Want to buy e-tickets more convenient to do it on the Agency's website because of the lower cost and the possibility to choose from the offerings of several airlines.

Important points when booking tickets:

1. Payment. After booking, You will have access to various methods of payment, including payment by credit card from anywhere in the world, payment via Euroset, e-money: Yandex.Money and Webmoney, QIWI terminals, payment in cash office, and delivery of tickets to your home or office.

2. The confirmation. When booking online you will need to provide an email address. This will send you an e-mail with full informacia about the flight.

3. E-tickets. You can take your printed e-ticket with you for check-in, and can register on the passport you used to make the reservation. Check in and seat selection can for days on the airline's website.

If the airline has a terminal e maintenance at the airport, you can check using this terminal.

4. Call. If the traveler has any doubts as to his made the reservation, he can call in advance to Agency or airline and a 6-digit number of your booking to specify full information about the flight.

5. Changes. If you want to change the date of departure, you should contact the Agency in which you made the booking of tickets.


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