Confidentiality is a service provider in the tourism industry. On the company's website in real time a huge number of users to be provided with information regarding flights, car rental and car rental. by all means try to ensure the safety of use of the service.

Ensuring the confidentiality of any information about the personal information that you provide to users is a top priority The company very seriously everything that concerns the integrity of personal information. Every visitor service before you transfer any personal data has the right to know how their use of this information. brings to users information about how to use the information received from the user.

This page detailed privacy Policy This policy reveals the principles by which handled all the personal information collected from users.

Gathering information does not collect data that identify (define) of specific people, service users search for tickets. But in the process system, and implementing user-defined actions that result from the use of the website, retrieves certain information about the user requesting the service. The identified information and the purpose of its use are listed below.

Information obtained from users allows users to learn the prices of flights to any destination by e-mail, in addition to subscribe to. The information is directly provided to the company by users, such as e-mail address can only be used to provide data on the price of tickets and distribution of information. The user send emails, in which there is a corresponding link, using which interrupt the sending user may, at any time.

Information collected automatically

When visiting a site user the user's browser sends information containing the time and date of the call page, the IP address of the user requesting the page and the browser type. All this information is saved automatically, is used only for analysis of service and after 30 days also automatically deleted.


When visiting by the user, the website sends a cookie to the user's computer. Cookies - text files that are stored up to the end of the session.

These files are used:

1. To analyze the operation of the site.
2. gets only statistical data about the cost and the number of bookings, all personal data is sent to the partner site selected by the user.
3. For ease of use, automatically populate the calendar date search.

Use for advertising purposes

On the website when collecting analysis required for attendance statistics and information on the advertising campaigns are not provided with personal data about specific users. For this purpose, only statistics on the number of visits to the site and the effectiveness of the various advertising campaigns and promotions.


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