Questions and answers


Electronic ticket

What is an e-ticket
What are the advantages of e-ticket
Booking and sale of airline tickets
Conditions of booking
The process of booking confirmation
Order tickets online
How to buy tickets online
How to buy cheap airline tickets on vacation
How to book tickets online
Rules of order tickets
Symbols on the ticket
The validity of the ticket
What is a ticket with an open date
Itinerary receipt
Does the presence of the itinerary at the airport
The ticket pending extract
A change in route
Procedure reissue the ticket to another passenger
Is it possible to change the date of departure or arrival
As documented travel
Do I need to buy a ticket for the baby
How to verify the authenticity of the ticket
Is it possible to buy tickets to third parties
Buying tickets at the box office
What are the classes of tickets


The reasons for Bank card may not be accepted
Where you can pay and get a ticket
Can I pay for the ticket in someone else's credit card

Return & exchange ticket

The refund process with the
Ticket refund if the visa refusal
How to return a flight ticket shortly prior to departure
How long is the refund for the ticket
How to exchange the ticket
How to change data for an already purchased ticket
I don't have time for the flight, can I get a refund for the ticket
In case of errors while filling the passport data
What to do with the ticket, when it was cancelled flight

Transportation of passengers

Traveling with children by plane
Especially traveling with children
General rules for carriage of different categories of passengers
Rules of air travel for pregnant women
Rules of transportation of passengers with disabilities
Passengers with status VIP
Youth groups transportation

Carriage of baggage

The baggage policy
Carriage of excess baggage
Rules for the carriage of liquids in hand Luggage
Baggage screening
If lost baggage
The transport of animals on Board
Transportation of plants
The transportation of sports equipment

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