Today constant trips abroad no one is surprised. In the process of globalization of the world community, they became just the daily needs of humanity. And, as you know, for travel to a foreign country it is often necessary to have a visa, ie stamp in the passport, which gives the right to leave the territory of the country which is visited by tourists.
оформление визыVisa processing is necessary for the possibility of conducting each country accounting for and control of immigrants. Apply for a visa at the Embassy can be, and its validity is limited.
Types of visas
Currently in the world there are two types of visas:
1) The type of immigration (entry), which allow to remain in the country permanently;
2) type of nonimmigrant (temporary stay on the territory of the State).
The latter have their own varieties:
- Depending on the length of stay of nonimmigrant visa types are short and long term;
- At the time of action: for a few days, at 1 or 3 months, six months or a year;
- Regarding the purpose of the visit of the selected country: student, tourist, work, etc .;
- Relative to the number of visits: single / disposable, multivisa / reusable.
In addition, non-immigrant visas have their own group. Features groups of nonimmigrant visas.
Short-term visa:
1. Travel. Their style for tourist travel within the country selected. Right to work is not provided. To obtain such a visa tourist should have booked a room in a hotel or as a tourist ticket, which confirms the purpose of the visit.
2. Guest (private). Their preparation is possible only with the invitation of the citizens living in the country, which made the trip. These visa bans tourists employment in another state.
3. Business (business visa) is available to individuals only when they have an invitation from legal entities. In this case you must provide confirmation of the business objectives. Right to work is not provided.
4. Transit. This is the maximum short-term visas (issued for a few days) to allow for a short crossing and the presence on the territory of a particular country.
Ability to design a single or double entry visa.
Long term visa:
1. Student (or training). They can get students who have an invitation from a higher education institution.
2. Workers. Their registration is possible only when the traveler has a job offer from a foreign employer. Allowed employment.
Types of immigration visas
1. Sport.
2. Diplomatic.
3. Visas for Refugees.
4. Visas sailors, airmen, lecturers.
5. Therapeutic visa.
6. Visas for honeymooners.
7. Visas for family reunification.
8. Visas, return to their historical homeland.
9. Independent immigrirovanie available if after going through various special tests person receives the required number of points on language proficiency, work experience, education, and others.
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