Airport in Minsk

The main air gates of the Belarusian Republic are located on the eastern outskirts of the city of Minsk. The airport is located at the intersection of important lines and air navigation routes that connect Western Europe with the CIS countries. It is 41 km from the center of the capital of Belarus.

General information

Airport in Minsk

Construction of the airport on the basis of the project of the Leningrad University was begun at a rapid pace in 1977, and the launch of the first phase was carried out after five years. The modern look, incredible and beautiful architecture and technically unique equipment the airport received in 1993.

The airport accepts flights of seventeen major airlines and serves more than two million passengers a year. Currently, the airport can receive all types of aircraft that fly on domestic and international routes.

The airport has a comprehensive and modern information system for arriving and departing passengers.

Airport Services

For the convenience of arriving and departing passengers, ATMs and branches of banks, referral and insurance services, offices of travel agents, as well as communication systems and currency exchange offices are available around the clock at the airport terminal.

The terminal building is equipped with a government lounge and superior rooms to serve important delegations and VIP passengers. Passengers who fly in a business class are registered in the VIP lounge. The comfortable VIP-hall of the airport Minsk provides passengers with various magazines and newspapers, a large selection of drinks and snacks, as well as other additional and useful services.

In the passenger terminal of the national airport there is a large number of outlets and a variety of small shops, cozy restaurants and lovely cafes, for the convenience of nursing women has a mother’s room and a small child. If you need a long stay at the airport or when the flight is delayed, passengers will be able to spend their time in small hotel rooms and a modern gym. Duty-free shops are located in the customs zone of Minsk airport.

Terminals at the airport

The airport currently has one passenger terminal, which is equipped with six telescopic sliding ramps, and its capacity is 3 million people per year.

How to get to the airport

The airport is connected to the city center by several bus routes, which depart regularly. The route schedule is optimized for a few flights. You can also get to Minsk International Airport by taxi or your own private car. For the greater convenience of airport customers, there is a parking lot and car rental at its adjacent territory.

Contacts of Minsk National Airport:

The Republic of Belarus, 220054, Minsk, Minsk National Airport
Tel: +375 (17) 279-13-00, fax: (+75 17) 279-17-68
Website: http: //www.http: //
IATA code: MSQ