Companion search — developed a convenient service for searching for travel companions and a group of friends for traveling, trekking on excursions, shopping, sports and recreation.

We offer both the opportunity to find a couple on a trip, and the opportunity to make friends on vacation, so that we can have more fun.

To do this, you need to go through the registration on the site, which you can do using your Vkontakte and Facebook account or through the registration form.

When registering you need to specify an e-mail and password of more than 5 characters.

Next, you must specify the name, surname, gender, country / city of departure and the country where you travel, then you need to specify the duration and type of trip, you yourself pay for the train or at the expense of the fellow traveler.

You can indicate one or more of your interests: sports (tennis, football, water sports, fishing), a trip to discos, joint excursions, joint rest, acquaintances, music and holidays with children.

Then indicates the gender, age, phone, you can specify a link to your profile in the social. networks. And be sure to upload your photo to make it easier for your companion and your new friends to meet and communicate with you.

If you want your profile not to be displayed on the page of fellow travelers, and you could only view their contacts, then you need to uncheck the box «Show in the Search for Companion» list.

For a convenient search for travel companions, we have developed a convenient filter in which you can specify the country / city of departure and travel, the gender of the travel companion, who you are looking for: Man, Woman or company of friends, the need for a photo, the age of travel companions, what month you plan your trip type of trip, as a fellow traveler pay for the train and interests.

We will be happy to receive your wishes on this search service for travel companions and friends, and you can leave your comments via the feedback form on our website.