Guide search we have developed a convenient service for you to search for guides in all countries of the world.

We invite guides to register with us on the site, leave your contacts, indicating in which city you work and with a description of possible sightseeing tours and prices, and then tourists from all over the world will be able to contact you directly and book the necessary excursion.

Guides can register and log in via Vkontakte, Facebook or through the registration form.

When registering, you need to specify an e-mail and come up with a password of more than 5 characters. Next, you must specify the first name, last name, gender, country, city where you work, age, phone number, you can specify a link to your profile in the social. networks. And be sure to upload your photo to make it easier for tourists to meet and communicate with you.

If you want your profile not to appear on the guides page, and you can only view the contacts of the guides, then you need to uncheck the box «Show in the list of Search for a guide.»

Also, tourists who wish to find a guide must register and uncheck the box “Display in the Guide Search List”.

For easy search of guides, we have developed a filter in which you can specify the country, city where you are looking for a guide, gender and the need for a photo.

We will be happy to receive your wishes and comments, which you can leave via the feedback form on our website.