Das Park — hotel in sewer pipes

Das Park - hotel in sewer pipes

Amazing Austria offers travelers to choose an unusual place for an overnight stay. Das Parkhotel will accommodate guests in sewer pipes. You should not be frightened, the pipes have long been lifted to the surface, washed off, arranged well and are waiting for guests. The creators of the hotel promote the idea of ??using unnecessary things in hotel design. Pieces of huge tubes are located right on the grass. Inside, guests will find a minimum of amenities: a bed, a bedside table, a power outlet, a desk lamp, a small window upstairs, bed linen. For a fee, you can use the showers and swimming pool. Comical things with toilets. Owners suggest using the infrastructure of the city or the nearest bushes as a restroom. Despite the inconvenience, «numbers» are almost always occupied. There are a lot of tourists who are ready to exchange the comfort of luxury hotels for an exclusive rest in the tube.


The owners of the Das Parkhotel call the absence of a fixed fee a great advantage of extreme rest. Guests leave any payment. The creators call their hotel creation a “non-commercial project,” designed to enhance the impression of Austrian hospitality. Self-cooking near the pipes is prohibited, you can eat in the surrounding cafes.

How to get there

The hotel is located in the park Rodlpark on the banks of the Danube, federal state of Upper Austria. The nearest town is Linz (11 km). From there, regular buses leave every hour to the hotel.