SS Ayrfield Floating Forest

SS Ayrfield Floating Forest

The mouth of the Parramatta River in Sydney is famous for the unusual ship that turned into an island. The old abandoned ship SS Ayrfield has long stranded on the Australian coast. Over time, the majestic mangroves sprouted on board, forming a floating green island. The length of the ship is about 80 m. Evergreen trees turned the rusty construction into a real miracle of nature. Powerful trunks firmly occupied the former cabins, making the ship look like a hero of fairy tales. The beauty of the old ship emphasizes the surrounding landscape. On the coast is a modern area built for the 2000 Olympics. The floating ship seems like a wanderer, lost among urban buildings. Nature has created a masterpiece out of it that is worth seeing.


You can see the floating island from the shore. The hull of the ship has long rusted, so inspection from the inside is impossible. On the shore are numerous galleries, shops, cafes, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the beauty of the vessel.

How to get there

Located SS Ayrfield near the Olympic Park (Sydney Olympic Park station), 19 km from Sydney. From the center to the coast go buses, subways, ferry. The river path starts from the pier Circular Quay. For half an hour and a moderate fee, the ferry will take tourists to the sunny coast, near which the famous ship flaunts.