Whitsunday Beach Australia

Whitsunday Beach Australia

The Australian Great Barrier Reef has captured tourists with the beauty of the amazing Whitesundy Beach. Every year, warm sand takes in the arms of thousands of tourists. Unusual white shade gives it silica. The substance has cooling properties. The midday heat does not heat the coast, the sand always remains cool. Sometimes, in the midst of the midday heat, an icy wind blows in. Coral reefs shine with beauty through the clear water. Washed in turquoise waves, the white sandy ridges form a striking spectacle. The coast of the Whitsunday Archipelago is a natural anomaly. The National Park located here has glorified part of Australia to the whole world. You can enjoy the beauty of Whitesundy Beach from the Tongue Point observation deck. An amazing place for a long time remembered by happy visitors.


Silicon dioxide has an interesting property. Near this substance the equipment does not work well, so visitors will have to forget about the usual mobile phones. There are no hotels in the archipelago. For a fee, armed with advance permission, you can spend the night in the park.

How to get there

The beach is located in the Australian state of Queensland. In this part of the Barrier Reef from the port of Shute Harbor, excursions are sent, including a visit to a unique place. It will be interesting to fly around the area by helicopter. The service can be purchased at Whitsunday Airport.