Air tickets to Israel

Airlines that fly Moscow-Tel Aviv: Aeroflot, Belavia, Air Baltic, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Aerosvit, Lufganza, Nl Luftfahrt.

Airports connections: Minsk 2 International, Riga, Ataturk, Vienna, F. Chopin (okecie), Boryspil, Frankfurt International.

Departure is made from Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 3 h. 50 min. Arrival carried out in airports: Ben Gurion.


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Air tickets to Israel

Geographical data

Israel is a difficult history of world civilizations and religions, a real Holy land. In the center of Galilee — the most prominent part of the country, there is a high mountain -1208 m above sea level. In the Galilee, there are beautiful olive groves, among the trees you can find those that are 300 years old. Israel is also famous for its treatment programs on the Dead Sea for tourists. Pilgrim trips will be interesting for religious people.

Airports of Israel

In Egypt, well-developed air traffic with many countries of the world. Airports are in many Egyptian cities, but they are all divided into civilian and military. All civil airports operating international flights are subordinate to the Israel Airports Authority. All necessary information about flights can be found on the management site. The country of three religions, as Israel is called by many travelers, attracts people from all over the world.

Best time to travel to Israel

In terms of tourism, Israel is a universal country, rest there is wonderful throughout the year. However, to rest on the sea in winter is not the best idea. After all, the water in the winter Dead Sea, the warmest sea in Israel, does not rise above 20 degrees, and in bad weather even less. Despite the fact that Israel is a small state, it is fraught with an amazing variety of recreation. Jerusalem, Jordan and other religious and historical sites — these are the routes that glorify Israel to the whole world. Not surprisingly, the people who visit Israel for the first time tend to see these sights. And special excursion programs can help to easily implement these desires.

As a rule, it is living on the Mediterranean Sea (Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Netanya) is popular with tourists — after all, from there it is convenient to make excursions to different parts of the country, as there is an opportunity to return to your hotel in the evening. It should be clarified that the programs and pilgrimage tours described above are completely different things. For pilgrim tours, special groups are formed, in which priests take part.

Treatment in Israel

The next type of holiday in Israel is treatment at the Dead Sea. It is treatment and a relaxing holiday. Active and energetic people here can get bored. Do not come to the Dead Sea for a small number of days. And there are two reasons for this. First, acclimatization in this region takes about two days. Secondly, a short stay on the Dead Sea is unprofitable from an economic point of view — after all, reasonable prices in hotels start from seven nights.


And the last popular leisure option in Israel is a holiday in Eilat, where there is a special dedicated hotel zone where most hotels are located. On the waterfront are all entertainment, including shops and restaurants. You should not expect in this part of Eilat too gorgeous beach, besides here it is sand and pebble. Israel is the country where all the beaches are municipal. However, accommodation in an expensive hotel usually guarantees you free sun beds. Coral Coast is the second part of Eilat. Lovers of silence and diving prefer the Coral Coast. It is worth noting that the world famous Petra (Jordan) is most convenient to visit from Eilat. However, it is unreasonable to make other tours from here — too, Elaith is far from Jerusalem (5 hours drive).


Many tourists prefer to combine the listed recreation options, combining the Dead Sea (and from there excursions are conducted in large numbers), Eilat and Tel Aviv. But in addition to the above routes, there are other, less well-known, but not much inferior by the impressions that can give tourists. For example, the north of Israel, little known to tourists from Russia, is able to offer good opportunities for recreation.

Worth visiting Tiberias, now it is a small provincial town on the shores of Lake Kinert (Sea of ??Galilee). He is famous in the world because most biblical characters lived there. In Tiberias, there is a separate base and healing hot and hydrogen sulfide sources. In addition, the Israelis built a magnificent SPA complex here. The crocodile farm and the park of exotic birds that are located on the territory of the complex cannot but surprise those who came here to rest. air traffic

Israel is a country that is able to respond to the wishes of tourists with a wide variety of tastes, both tourists who prefer a beach holiday, and tourists who love excursions to visit world-class attractions.