Airline tickets to Andorra

Авіябілеты ў Андору

In the heart of the Pyrenean mountains, a fantastic country, Andorra, is lost. It is located on the border of France with Spain. This is a state with a population of 65 thousand people and an area of ??no more than 468 square meters. km The picturesque landscape reveals the sight of traveling incredibly beautiful green valleys and meadows, the foot of high mountains and hills, and the snow-white peaks of the mountains, lost in the clouds.


In Andorra, advanced technologies and systems are used, as attention is paid to environmental protection. It is believed that the dry mountain climate is very healthy. According to all customs, in winter the weather is cold, with a bright winter sun and a sea of ??snow.

The mountain principality offers comfortable first-class hotels, health complexes and ski resorts. Interesting walks through picturesque valleys and mountain slopes, as well as a pleasant acquaintance with the well-preserved ancient monuments and traditions of the local region, will help you to get vivid impressions and diversify your free time in Andorra.

Holiday features

Fans of active rest in Andorra are attracted to ski resorts. For skiing Andorra occupies the largest territory in the Pyrenees. Tourists are provided services in the form of 500 instructors, 91 lifts, 6 ski resorts and 152 trails with a length of 274 kilometers. The climatic conditions of Andorra make it possible to enjoy skiing for six months. All 6 ski stations are equipped with advanced equipment and are designed for various sports. At the stations you can not only play sports, but also sit in the bars, enjoying the beautiful panorama, breathe the clean mountain air. Everywhere open to beginner skiers centers learning this sport. Highly qualified instructors teach beginners. Tourists have a choice: group forms of education or single.


Andorra is a zone of trade without a duty, so everyone who wants to make interesting and bargain purchases is provided with the most unique opportunities. Prices there are much lower than in neighboring countries, so many people prefer to go shopping. The most profitable goods in Andorra are antique valuables and jewelry, optics and perfumery, as well as clothing with brands of prestigious companies and sports equipment.