Airline tickets to Argentina

Airlines flying from Moscow to Buenos Aires: Qatar Airways, KLM, Tam Linhas Aereas, Iberia.

Airports connections: Doha, Schiphol, Guarulhos, Barajas.

Departure is made from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 31 h. 45 minutes. Arrival is carried out in airports: Pistarini, J. Newbury.


Cheap air tickets to Argentina:


Moscow-Buenos Aires from 410 $


Airline tickets to Argentina

Argentina is a country on the southern and southeastern side of the continent, the second largest country in South America, second only to Brazil. Ranked eighth in the world.


Argentina is located in three climatic zones. The average annual temperatures vary from + 24 ° C in the north to + 5 ° C in the southern part. The country’s climate is shaped by the influence of sea air masses arriving from the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the territory of Argentina has a temperate climate. In the northeast — the climate is humid, winters are mild. In the southern part of the country it is much colder and quite rainy throughout the year.

In the capital of Argentina in the summer is very hot, and most residents at this time leave for other places to rest. In January and February, the capital is almost empty. In winter, the most favorable weather for Europeans, the temperature decreases, but only slightly.

National cuisine

If you decide to visit Argentina, be sure to allocate a certain amount for a sample of local cuisine. She is able to surprise even the most spoiled gourmets. Access to the ocean allows local chefs to prepare truly exquisite dishes. This is mainly seafood, which is delivered to restaurants in the freshest form, as well as meat dishes. You should definitely try a stack of marbled meat. This dish is the calling card of Argentina.

In Argentina, quite a lot of resort towns, a visit to which will be able to please and surprise you. For wildlife lovers, the city of Pampa will be the perfect place for excursions.


Pampas are green grasslands, which occupy almost a quarter of the country. It is the birthplace of the famous Gauchos, creating romantic ideas about Argentina. This is a place that allows a person to connect with nature and know himself. Endless prairies, in the meadows of which huge herds of gobies graze, from which they make magnificent roasts. Over these plains rise a ranch where you can stop and feel the beauty of this wondrous land.

For lovers of civilization perfect capital of Argentina.

Buenos Aires is usually associated with tango or playing football. This is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. Together with modern skyscrapers, ancient Spanish quarters and streets are preserved here. He combined in himself all the best cities of Europe: Paris, Madrid and London. The city is very green, rich in various parks and boulevards. In its central part there are many different monuments and memorable architecture.