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Airlines flying from Moscow to Athens: Jat Airways, Austrian Airlines, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Swiss, Alitalia.

Airports connections: Belgrade, Vienna, Feriagi, Ružine, Zurich, Fiumicino. .

Departure is made from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 15 hours 50 minutes.

Arrival carried out at the airport: Athens e Venizelos.


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Airline tickets to Athens

Athens is a city with a multifaceted fate, which has gone through periods in its history, both in its heyday and decline. Today it is a large modern city located in the southern part of Europe. The historical heritage of this city is difficult to assess, here are the oldest monuments of architecture. In Athens, more than a third of the population of all Greece lives — about 4 million people.

Athens is the cultural, administrative and economic center of Greece. The city received its name from its patron saint, the ancient Greek goddess Athena, at about the end of the 16th — the beginning of the 15th century BC. Under the ground of Attica lie whole layers of civilization, rooted in the depths of centuries.

City `s history

The capital of Greece has a very rich history. People lived in these places already in the XVI century BC. And it’s thanks to the ancient Athens that we know what democracy and the Areopagus are, and people like Solon, Sophocles, Socrates, Themistocles, Herodotus and Pericles have forever entered world history.
During its existence, the city has experienced many epochs, Athens was part of several mighty empires, and from each of them there remained at least one landmark. Therefore, in itself, the capital of Greece is, as it were, a monument of human civilization.

For example, the heritage of antiquity is the rock of the Acropolis, the temple of Nike Apteros, built by the legendary Parthenon, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Tower of the Winds, built during Roman rule, and many other wonders of ancient times.

Several examples of Byzantine architecture, such as the churches of Agios Eleftherios and Li-Apostoli on the Agora, are well preserved.
In more recent times (in the 19th century), in Athens, too, brilliant architects worked. Their efforts were built two main squares — Ominia and Syntagma, as well as built in the neoclassical style — the National Library, the Old Royal Palace and the Academy of Sciences.


Airline tickets to Athens

The sophisticated tourist will also not be able to pass by more modern attractions. Notable among them are: the National Park and the Grand Panafineisky Stadium, reconstructed for the Olympic Games of 1896, the Benaki Museum and Kolonaki Square.

Even in the city there are many cinemas and theaters, including the opera. In the summer you can watch the famous Greek performances, which are set at the foot of the Acropolis, well, and, of course, sunbathe on the luxurious beaches of Athens.
It’s simply impossible to leave Athens empty-handed. Goods for everyone and for every taste here can be found either in the shopping district on Ermu Street, or in expensive shops, which are tightly located around Kolonaki Square.


A trip to Greece is probably better than all other countries. Can you imagine Delphi, Athens, Marathon, Olympia that you don’t say, and we heard these names in childhood and every person would dream to visit there, and of course, look at all these places that we dreamed of for a long time. The world is a great choice for a holiday in this wonderful country for sightseeing and recreation. In Greece, the most popular trips where you can have a good rest are Halkidiki, here are the best beaches. On these beaches a lot of people who come from other countries have a rest. You can also tour and hear the history of each historical place in Greece. It is very convenient to take excursions to Corinth and Athens, this is the central part of Greece.