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Airlines that fly from Moscow to Beijing: Aerosvit Airlines, S7 (Siberia), Hainan Airlines, Air China.

Airports transfers on the route: Boryspil, Krasnoyarsk, Tolmachevo.

The flight to Beijing is made from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 14 h. 0 minutes. Arrival carried out in airports: Capital.


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Airline tickets to Beijing

China — one of the greatest states of the world, is rightfully considered to be a unique and exotic country for Europeans. Hundreds of thousands of tourists annually visit the cities of China, wanting to see with their own eyes the great Celestial, the homeland of Taoism and gunpowder. Despite the fact that modern China no longer bears the stamp of the world province, the old way of life and Confucian customs are still preserved in small towns and villages.

China has a rather complicated territorial division, which consists of 23 provinces of 5 autonomous districts and 4 cities of central subordination: the capital of China is Beijing, the cities of Tianjin, Chongqing, Shanghai, and two administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao.

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China. This is its political, economic, cultural, transport center. The word «Beijing» in translation from Chinese means «Northern Capital». The history of the city has more than 3000 years. Now its area is 17.8 sq. Km. It is home to 9 million people. But now the construction of the city does not stop, for a minute. High-rise buildings, bridges, highways are being built.

Sights of Beijing

In Beijing, preserved many architectural monuments, despite the damage caused by wars. Among them are the Summer Imperial Palace, the Wangsun Pagoda, one of the most famous Buddhist temples — the Miaoin Temple, the Biyuns Temple, and others.

Beijing — literally translated as «Northern Capital», is a typical example of a multimillion-dollar city in China, although it ranks second in terms of population after Shanghai. Beijing is a huge transportation hub, which interweaves hundreds and thousands of highways, railways and dozens of airlines.

At the same time, Beijing is the cultural center of China, which has preserved many traditional architectural styles on the territory of so-called Imperial China, where such architectural monuments as the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven have been preserved. The dialect of indigenous Pekingans served as the basis for the official language of the PRC — Putonghua, and Goyu — the official language of Taiwan and Singapore.

Nowadays, Beijing is rapidly changing, overgrown with multi-storey boxes of modern megacities, but more recently, large blocks of Beijing were filled with buildings in the form of houses with the letter “P” and small courtyards equipped according to all the rules of feng shui art.