Airline tickets to Belgium

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Brussels: Air Baltic, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Alitalia.

Airports transfers: Riga, Feriagi, Charles de Gaulle, Ruzine, Arlanda, Fiumicino.

Departure is made from airports: Sheremetyevo. Average flight time 11 h. 45 minutes. Arrival is at the airports: National, (ZYR).


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Airline tickets to Belgium

Tourism in Belgium

In the western part of Europe there is a small, but cozy and beautiful state — Belgium. The city of Brussels is the capital of this fairy kingdom. The city is very convenient. Just a few hours and you are in Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam. Brussels grew rich and developed thanks to trade, therefore the main square of the city is surrounded by the houses of former merchants and craft guilds.

The place of old burnt houses was occupied by unique structures, each of them has its own appearance and its own name. The house of the wolf archery guild is decorated with sculptural images of Truth, Lies, Peace and Discord. The house of the richest guild, the baker’s guild, «The King of Spain» is decorated with two busts: Saint Auber, the patron saint of bakers and Charles 2, the king of Spain.

Belgium is a very attractive country for tourists, it is a very cold winter and a moderately hot summer, although in different regions of the country the weather conditions are very different from each other. So near the coast prevails maritime climate with humid air, so tourists are recommended to go here during the warm season. In such central regions of the country as Brussels, and Antwerp, the continental climate prevails, so for tourists who want to see the sights and enjoy the beaches, it is better to come in July or August. Winter resorts in the Ardennes are popular from late autumn to the beginning of winter.

Airports Belgium

There are several international airports in Belgium, the most popular is Brussels International Airport. This airport meets all modern requirements, it is located close to the city, which can be reached by bus in a few minutes. The international airport in Antwerp is also popular, but it receives far fewer tourists.

Best time to stay in Belgium

The flow of tourists to Belgium is unchanged at any time of the year, tours to Belgium during holidays are especially popular, mainly tourists go to Belgium for Christmas, so you need to decide in advance on the date of the trip.

Sights of the capital

The “House of the Dukes of Brabant” makes an unforgettable impression. It consists of «Hill», «Tin pot», «Wallet», «Windmill» and «Lonely rural house». It is not even a house, but a whole architectural ensemble. The building was built by the engineer Guillaume de Brain and the architect Deyue. On the front of this almost Italian palace, you will see an allegory of Abundance. There are many such houses and each is unique. You can view them all day long, which tourists do. Knights tournaments were held on the Royal Square Grand Place. The beautiful royal palace of the 15th century, the houses of the court nobility, the church and the theater — all this you will see on the Grand Place Square. And on Sunday you can visit the bird and flower market. Brussels is famous for its churches and cathedrals.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Michael is located in the Upper Town. The Romanesque columns on which the central nave of the building rests are decorated with statues of 12 apostles. You can enter the cathedral by stairs, which is framed by two huge towers. The magnificent stained glass windows of the 16th century are decorated with Gothic windows. The light pouring from the windows makes it possible to admire a beautiful carved altar with chased copper figures. The building is magnificent and you want to admire it for a long time. The church of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of merchants, has an amazing history, it was destroyed, it collapsed, but it was rebuilt again and again, and received its parishioners.

Now the church has been restored and everyone can enter and admire scenes from the life of St. Nicholas by van der Hagen. Be sure to visit the museums of Brussels. There is a Wax Museum with amazing exhibits in unprecedented costumes. Museum of classical art with a beautiful collection of works by Rubens and Bruegel. The Museum of History and Art has the richest collection of Egyptian and ancient antiquities in Europe. There is also an interesting Museum of cars. In the Museum of Lace you will see amazingly beautiful exhibits, the production of which took years.