Airline tickets to Canada

Airlines flying from Moscow to Ottawa: Air Canada, United Airlines, Bmi, British Airways, Lufthansa.

Airports transfers: Heathrow, La Guardia, Frankfurt International.

Departure is made from airports: Domodedovo. Average flight time 13 h. 30 minutes. Arriving carried to airports: Ottawa.


Cheap air tickets to Canada:


Moscow-Ottawa from 974 $


Tourism in Canada

Montreal Canada’s air tickets are so great and diverse with their attractions that you probably will not have enough one tourist trip to explore all the beauties of this wonderful land. Despite the fact that Canada is located in the north and most of the territory is covered with lakes and ice, the tourist service of Canada is at a very high level. The main tourist destination for visiting Canada is fishing.


On its territory there are a lot of different lakes, the beauty of which can strike even the most sophisticated romantic. In addition, these lakes are full of fish. There lives the most favorite fish of fishermen — trout. But not only fishermen will find something to their liking. For lovers of snow holidays will discover their vast scenic mountain slopes, which are always open for lovers of ski holidays and snowboarders. There are many different tourist bases, where you can not only hire equipment, but also stay for the night in small tourist houses. The hosts will meet you with warmth and care.

Recreation Features and Attractions

In Canada, live mainly immigrants from Western Europe, Ukraine, Russia and many other countries. In Canada, very punctual people live. They always do what they have set. They are very friendly, perhaps that is why the service in Canadian hotels is very high. In such places you feel at home. If you have to go to a Canadian’s house, then the best gift for him will be candy, flowers or alcohol. The most popular cities among tourists are Montreal and Vancouver.

Montreal is a huge modern city. Most Canadians live here, who came from Europe, and the architecture of Montreal is composed in the European style. There is a miniature replica of the Paris Cathedral, several hundred churches, a couple of hundreds of strange parks, several dozen modern bridges, among which the most famous bridge is Jacques-Cartier.

Vancouver is a modern city surrounded by a thick fir forest and mountains covered with snow. Here in the summer various music festivals and winter sports competitions take place, for example, yacht regattas. In winter, the entire urban population puts on skis and begins to descend from the mountain slopes. In the city limits of Vancouver, many old buildings. Modern neighborhoods are adjacent to beaches and parks. Seaside embankment «Stanley» — is one of the most popular holiday destinations among citizens and tourists.