Airline tickets to Georgia

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Tbilisi: Aerosvit Airlines, Belavia, S7 (Siberia), Airzena Georgian Airline.

Airports connections: Boryspil, Minsk 2 international, Yerevan.

Departure is made from Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 18 h. 35 minutes. Arrival is at the airports: Tbilisi.


Cheap air tickets to Georgia:


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Airline tickets to Georgia

An interesting country with a great historical and cultural heritage is located on the Black Sea coast. Majestic mountains, dense greens, many vineyards on the hills and even semi-arid deserts — this is the landscape of the country called Georgia.

Geographical location

Four states: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey border Georgia. The area of ??the country is only 69.7 thousand square meters. Despite the relatively modest size, many resorts and rare tourist attractions are concentrated throughout the country. The culture and hospitality of the distinctive local people add a special flavor to this country. The peculiarity of the Georgian population is the oldest Christian nation in the world. There were built cathedrals and churches in ancient times, when many European countries were pagans.

History of the country

The oldest city in the world is the capital of Georgia — Tbilisi. At the foot of Mount Mtatsminda is the Old Town, the historical center of Tbilisi. Here, narrow streets wind in the middle of low two- and three-story houses made of stone. A characteristic detail of local architecture is the presence of galleries, wooden balconies with carved patterns. In the center of the city you can see all that remains of the Narikala fortress or Shuristsikhe. Georgia is the place where there are many preserved Christian objects. Here you can visit the old church of St. Mary and the current Zion Cathedral in the name of the Assumption of Our Lady, in the temple of St. David and in the temple of Metekhi. An interesting attraction are Tbilisi sulfur baths. The city is rich in cultural and architectural objects.

The ancient capital of Georgia was once Mtskheta, located 20 km from Tbilisi. This is still a very important place for every local resident. Here is the famous Jvari Monastery. This is one of the symbols of the emergence of the Christian faith in the country. Also of great historical value are the fortress city of Ujarma, the castles of Metekhi and Anauri, the fortress of Anakopia.

Another city — Kutaisi, was in its time the ancient capital of the Colchis and Imereti kingdoms. His business card is the beautiful Rioni embankment, where you can see the special “hanging verandas”. This city has its own style and beauty. You can see pictures of past masters in the art gallery. You can present the coronation ceremony of David the Builder, looking at the remains of the Cathedral of Our Lady.

The healing town of Borjomi, which stands on the Kura River, is also known. There are all opportunities to treat lost health and restore the former beauty. You can breathe clean air and enjoy the beauty of nature in the Borzhomsky reserve. Fans of ecotourism will be happy to learn the most interesting specimens of local flora and fauna.