Airline tickets to Germany

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Berlin: Air Baltic, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Germanwings, Swiss, Lufthansa, Airline Russia.

Airports transfers: Riga, Vienna, Zurich.

Departure is made from Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 10 h. 45 minutes.

Arrival at the airport: Tegel, Schoenefeld.


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Airline tickets to Germany

Flight details

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Airlines that fly to Berlin from Moscow: Air Berlin, Ukraine Intl Airlines, Russia, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines. Airports in Berlin: Tegel Airport, Schoenefeld Airport. Airports landings on the flight to Germany: Boryspil Airport, Vienna Airport. Moscow airports: Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport. The shortest flight time to Germany is 2 hours 30 minutes. airline Airlines Russia.

Geographical information

The Federal Republic of Germany is a state in Central Europe, covering an area of ??357 square kilometers. km., where about 82 million people live. The capital of Germany is Berlin. In general, Germany is a majestic and very beautiful country with a rich history. Germany — the birthplace of a large number of the most outstanding and brilliant people: Goethe, Beethoven, Bach. Holidays in Germany can be very diverse, as it is famous not only for cultural attractions, a variety of entertainment clubs, but also for its cuisine, in particular, lively beer and delicious sausages.

Administrative division

The Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 countries (in brackets — the capital): Baden-W?rttemberg (Stuttgart), Bayern (Munich), Berlin, Brandenburg (Potsdam), Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen (Wiesbaden), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Schwerin), Lower Saxony (Hannover), North Rhine-Westphalia (D?sseldorf), Rhineland-Palatinate (Mainz), Saar (Saarbrucken), Saxony (Dresden), Saxony-Angald (Magdeburg), Schleswig-Holstein (Kiel) and Thuringen. Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg are the capitals.

History reference

Germany was always divided into countries, but the geographical map changed frequently over the course of a century. The greatest changes in the new era led to the beginning of the Napoleonic war of the 19th century, the Prussian-Austrian war of 1866, the First and Second World War. This occupation and division of Germany ended in the collapse of Prussia, the largest country in Germany. Today’s federal countries were formed mostly after 1945.

Up until the reunification of Germany in 1990, the Federal Republic consisted of 11 countries that once formed the western occupation zones. In the Soviet occupation zones, 5 countries were formed in the area of ??the upcoming German Democratic Republic. In 1952, these countries were replaced by regions. After the democratic October revolution of 1989, parliamentarians decided on a new formation of 5 federal republics. They essentially retained the form (image) until 1952.

On October 3, 1990, the German Democratic Republic made an entry for the Brandeburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and T?rengen countries to join the Federal Republic. East Berlin teamed up with West Berlin.


If you decide to relax in Europe, but not the purpose of your trip is not to admire the crowded beaches of the Mediterranean Sea or the Eiffel Tower of Paris. If you want to discover a completely different Europe, then there is no better choice for you than a holiday in Germany. This country is amazing because there is almost everything that tourist Europe can give you. These are mountains, sandy beaches, and the warm summer sea, and outstanding examples of architecture and art of antiquity. Among other things, holidays in Germany can cost you a significantly smaller amount than the same time spent on vacation days in France, on the Riviera, in the Mediterranean.

The fact is that Germany is not a very popular tourist destination among Europeans themselves. And besides, there are all conditions for a comfortable rest, both in summer and in winter. In the north, you can relax on the white sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea. In the south, on the contrary, you can go skiing in the permafrost of the Bavarian Alps.

Landscapes and landscapes of the country in no way lose the beauty of the views of Spain, Italy and other recognized leaders of Europe on the beauty of nature. In addition, it is hardly worth mentioning that Germany is the world leader in the number of various fortresses, castles, cathedrals and other majestic and monumental buildings of ancient architecture.


Traditional German cuisine is famous far beyond the borders of the country, the country is the undoubted leader in the quality of the beer produced. In the mountains you can taste amazing mulled wine, such as can be cooked only in Bavaria. In addition, in Germany, both in summer and in winter, a huge number of various festivals of various kinds, from classical music to metal, are held. You should certainly visit this wonderful country.

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