Airline tickets to Italy

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Rome: Austrian Airlines, Air Baltic, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Swiss, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa.

Airports connections: Vienna, Riga, Feriagi, Zurich, Ruzyne, Frankfurt International.

Departure is made from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 5 h. 25 minutes. Arrival carried out in airports: Fiumicino.


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Airline tickets to Italy

Most of the treasures of world art are in Italy. It is not surprising to see the fresco of some famous artist in an indiscreet chapel — this is Italy!

Favorite place, visited by the elite and the aristocracy, strikes the imagination with an abundance of monuments of human genius, which are inherited from successive civilizations and eras. It attracts a variety of landscapes, beautiful traditions. The coasts are gently and harmoniously greeted with resort towns, citrus groves, bright blue sea and snow-white yachts.

Italy is amazing, gorgeous, unique — no epithets are enough to describe this charming country.

Italian airports

Italy has a mass of airports, which are in almost all major cities and tourist regions of the country. All airports are located no farther than 25 km from the cities, each airport has its own web-site, which facilitates the task of finding the necessary information.

The best time to travel to Italy

The traditional time of travel to this country begins in the middle — the end of May, and ends only at the end of September. At this time there is a peak of tourism, charter flights are organized. However, the rest of the time, there are also opportunities to get to Italy. First of all, this time is winter, when the season of ski resorts comes, and any time of the year is suitable for viewing the cultural heritage of Italy.

Since ancient times, it attracts travelers. It is unlikely that there is at least one person who does not dream of visiting the mysterious and famous “boot”. Countless poems, paintings, novels describe Italy. It is impossible to overestimate the contribution that Italians made to world culture. Over the course of many centuries, everybody has been amazed and admired by works of art, music, literature and architecture. Here is the merging of past and present.

The most emotional people are, of course, the Italians. This is most clearly seen during the holidays. Each city has its own holidays, which accompany carnivals, processions through the streets.

One of the attractions of Italy is its cuisine. Well-known pizza, risotto, various pasta, parmesan cheese. Many Italian recipes are very ancient and are proud of them as national wealth. Since ancient times, Italian wines have become popular.

The ideal place for treatment and rest is provided by the fabulous nature, mild climate and the mass of all kinds of entertainment. For everyone there is a rest to taste. Even skiing in the Alps is possible all 365 days a year.

The view of snow-capped mountains and the sea, clear lakes, crystal-clear rivers that originate from the Alps, emerald green groves and the cone of Vesuvius lilac at sunset — this is the beautiful nature of Italy.
Attraction of tourists is clear — here are the famous resorts, centers of history and culture, active volcanoes.

Rome, Florence, Venice — even these cities sound tempting and melodious. In whatever place of Italy you travel: in Naples, Tivoli, Pisa, in a museum, theater, under the bright sun — nowhere to escape charm and interest in this sweet country.

The official name of Italy is the name of the Italian Republic. It is a state in the southern part of Europe, in the center of the Mediterranean, where more than sixty million people live. Italy is a wonderful and incredibly hospitable country in which everyone can find something for themselves — relaxing on a golden beach in summer or skiing in winter, dinner in an Italian restaurant, excursions to museums, exhibitions and historical sites: the Colosseum in Rome, the Vatican, a journey on the gondola along the canals of Venice and or just shopping in Milan.