Airline tickets to Jordan

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Amman: Emirates, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, S7 (Siberia).

Airports transfers on the route: Dubai, Feriaghi, Frankfurt international, Vienna, Ataturk.

Departure is made from Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo airports. Average flight time 16 h. 25 minutes. Arrival in Amman is carried to the airports: Queen Aliah.


Cheap air tickets to Jordan:


Moscow-Amman from 167 $


Geographical features

Airline tickets to JordanJordan is a very amazing country that can hit anyone with its natural diversity. There are a lot of deserts and reservoirs, scenic reserves and hot springs. Jordan has access to two seas: Red — the most beautiful and picturesque, which is filled with all kinds of marine monasteries, and the Dead — the most unusual sea.

Since the water in the sea is very salty, it is almost impossible to drown in it, and therefore, some fans of unusual bathing just fall on the water. Local people are famous for their hospitality. They are happy to shelter you and meet with full cordiality.


Jordan is located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, the climate there is close to subtropical. The weather in summer is warm and not too wet.

Holiday features

In order for your vacation not to be bad and you will not regret it, you need to follow a few simple rules. Bring sunscreen and sun glasses with you, as there is very high sun activity in the summer and it can damage you. When walking around the city, follow the simple rules of their own security, adopted for all countries. When bathing in the Dead Sea, be sure to use protective glasses, because salt can damage your eyes and you will have a lot of trouble.


In the country, the tourism business is very developed. The service of most hotels meets European standards. In most of them, meals are served on the principle of a buffet. The diet is dominated by European dishes, since they are most familiar to most tourists. If you want to eat outside the hotel, you can safely go to any nearest restaurant or cafe.

Lunch in such an institution will be quite inexpensive and will be safe for your stomach. Spirits and wines are especially popular among tourists. They can be purchased at almost any time, except for a special Muslim fast.