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Airlines that fly from Moscow to Sofia: Bulgaria Air, Aeroflot, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Aerosvit Airlines.

Airports transfers: Feriagi, Vienna, Ruzyne, Boryspil.

Departure is made from the airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo. Average flight time 3 h. 0 minutes. Arrival is carried out at Sofia Airport.


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Airline tickets to Sofia

You will have the opportunity to visit a real fairy tale. Bulgaria has long been famous for its extraordinary beauty resorts, clean beaches and gentle sea. And its capital is no exception.

Your first acquaintance with the city is best to start from its central part. There are many buildings in it that emanate from the Soviet era, which carries a certain peace and tranquility.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. It is located on the southern edge of the Sofia hollow. The origin of this city belongs to the VIII century BC. Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical, rubber, pulp and paper, food and light industries are developed here. It is also a major tourist center. Sights such as the Church of St. Sophia, the Boyana Church, the Black Mosque, the Rotunda of St. George, the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and many others attract tourists from all over the world. There are also the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, universities, theaters, art galleries, archaeological, historical and other museums.

Sights of Sofia

Each monument of Sofia tells travelers that once the city has experienced a very tragic history, and numerous parks and squares beckon you to take a break from everyday problems and city noise.

Virtually every city tour begins with the Banya Bashi Mosque, which is a structure with a peaked minaret and a huge dome. This mosque got its name due to the fact that in the 16th century, Turkish baths were located within its walls. But near the mosque there is a small courtyard with a mineral spring. And many try to fill the bottles and jerry can with this healing water.

After walking a few meters from the mosque, you will find the central synagogue, which was built in the pseudo-Moorish style in the distant 1910. This building is the largest in the whole Balkan Peninsula.

Fans of shopping in Sofia will feel like in paradise. It is for them that TsUM, the largest city department store, is intended. This building consists of five floors, each of which has its own trading shops and pavilions with a large number of various goods. The most interesting thing is that in the transition of the Central Department Store there is a small church called the church of St. Peter Samardzhiysky. It has a simple gable roof and outwardly looks quite inconspicuous. But inside the church there are many wonderful frescoes and icons. But more interest among tourists is the church of St. Sophia, which gave the name to the whole city. It was erected in the 6th century, and from that moment on it became one of the main shrines of the capital.

Remember that Vitosha Boulevard is the busiest Sofia highway. A significant part of the local authorities turned into a pedestrian zone. In addition, it is one of the largest shopping streets in the city. There are many shops, banks, restaurants and cafes.

The panorama of the city will be greatly improved by the Russian Church of St. Nicholas. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century under the guidance of the famous architect Preobrazhensky. He dedicated it to the dead Russian soldiers who died here during the Russian-Turkish war.

The remarkable Alexander Nevsky Cathedral evokes a whole squall of positive emotions among travelers. This cathedral was built in memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom of Bulgaria many years ago. And you can also see him if you come to Sofia.