Airline tickets to the UK

Airlines that fly from Moscow to London: LOT Polish Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines.

Airports transfers on the flight to London: F. Chopin (okecie), Pearson International, Dulles International, Copenhagen.

The flight to London is made from the airports of Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. Average flight time 17 h. 10 minutes. Arrival carried out in airports: London.


Cheap air tickets to the UK:


Moscow-London from 115 $


Airline tickets to the UK

The UK is able to interest any traveler who is wealthy, from 30 years and older. Most often, this country is chosen for recreation by couples, people with very good education.


The climate in the UK is very diverse. Weather conditions are formed under the influence of the warm Atlantic current of the Gulf Stream. It is very cold in January (temperature is from + 3 to + 7 degrees Celsius), and heat is July (average temperature is from +11 to + 17 C). In the North-East of the island is the region with the coldest climate, and the area of ??London and Westland — one of the warmest regions of the country.

Where to stay

Frankly speaking, hotels in Great Britain are not very famous, unless, of course, you expect to visit hotels of the level of four «stars» and above. In ordinary hotels, the rooms are small, but cozy, the service is very modest, and sometimes there are even no faucets in the washstands; in order to save water, there are two separate taps above the sink, each designed for its own water.

In hotels it is easier — you will have to purchase a room immediately upon arrival. Despite the fact that tourism in the UK is very well developed, it is very difficult to apply the international “star” classification to London hotels: in fact, all hotels are divided into two types: Luxury / DeLuxe and lower. Differences in the service of such hotels are more than noticeable. This applies to the level of rooms, and service, and prices.

Souvenirs and attractions

The best gifts for relatives and friends will be: smoking pipes, football attributes, elite teas and many others. Recently the store of the famous guitarist Elton John opened, where you can buy his concert costumes and other interesting things. Scottish rugs, kilts, bagpipes, and, of course, Glenfiddich — malt whiskey earned world fame. The golden shade is given to it due to aging in oak barrels, and its unusual flavor is achieved due to the secret method of distillation. You will be able to appreciate the whole extraordinary taste of this divine drink.