What are the advantages of e-ticket?

What are the advantages of e-ticket?Electronic tickets were first used in the United States in 1996. This advanced technology has gained popularity due to its undoubted advantages, namely:
— With the help of electronic booking, at a convenient time of day, you can book a ticket from the desired airport to any city in the world. And for this there is no need to go to the airport and spend time standing in line.
— It is not necessary to book air tickets personally. They can also be ordered for your family or friends.
— Such a ticket cannot be forgotten at home, it will not be lost, it will not be stolen, because the booking record is stored in the database of the airline company.
— To pay for an electronic ticket, you can use any method convenient for passengers: by wire transfer, in cash or using a bank card.
— If you have an electronic ticket and no baggage, it is possible to check-in online using the Internet, this will save time at check-in at the airport.