Contact information of the Embassy of Abkhazia

visa to Abkhazia Moscow, Gagarinsky lane, 11
Fax: 8 495 6373756
Telephone: 8 495 6373868
E-mail: info@emb-abkhazia.ru
Website address: www.emb-abkhazia.ru


List of documents for visiting the Republic of Abkhazia by Russian citizens

For Russian citizens, there is a visa-free entry regime, which includes customs clearance procedures, as well as passport control. For residents of foreign countries it is necessary to visit the Abkhaz territory, the presence of both multiple-entry visas to Russia and visas to Abkhazia. Residents of the CIS (with the exception of Tajikistan and Ukraine) can visit Abkhazia, both on internal and international passports. Ukrainians and Tajiks to cross the Russian-Abkhaz border must show a passport.

Document package for children

Children from 0 to 14 years old should have the original of their birth certificate with the appropriate insert or stamp confirming Russian citizenship. It is possible to pass the border upon presentation of a foreign passport (for children over 6 years old, the presence of photo cards sealed with the seals of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is mandatory). Russian nationals between the ages of 14 and 18 must have a civil / foreign passport.

When a minor resident crosses the border, accompanied by only one parent, a power of attorney (under current law) from the second parent is not needed. It is obligatory to have a birth certificate to prove the kinship of the accompanying person and the child.

Children traveling to Abkhazia without parents (guardians or adoptive parents) must have a notarized document fixing parental consent for their departure from the Russian Federation. At the same time, such a permit should indicate the precise dates of the trip, as well as the planned city of stay.

Documents for applying for a visa to foreigners

• scanned copy of a valid passport;
• a photo;
• electronic questionnaire filled out according to the rules.

The listed documentation is sent electronically to the Consular Service. The request is processed for 5 working days, then the applicant is issued an entry permit (via email or fax).
It is recommended to update the current list immediately before the trip on the official website of the country office.

Compulsory insurance

Motorists traveling by car to Abkhazia are obliged to carry out its insurance in the territory of the country of residence. The Abkhazgosstrakh insurance office operates on the border. The cost of the policy for 3 days for passenger cars is 200 rubles, for 30 — 500 rubles. Insurance payment (in case of an accident) does not exceed 15,000 rubles.

Foreign citizens staying on the Abkhaz territory must have a travel insurance policy. Its objects are: health, life and working ability of the tourist. The amount of coverage is about 30 000 rubles. Children under 6 years old do not have to take out a separate insurance, they are covered by a parental policy (without an increase in the fee).