Airline tickets to Greece

Airlines that fly from Moscow to Athens: Jat Airways, Austrian Airlines, Malev Hungarian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Swiss, Alitalia.

Airports connections: Belgrade, Vienna, Feriagi, Ru?ine, Zurich, Fiumicino. .

The flight to Athens is made from the airports of Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. Average flight time 15 hours 50 minutes. Arrival carried out at the airport: Athens e Venizelos.


Cheap air tickets to Greece:


Moscow-Athens from 199 $


About country

Flights to GreeceThe population of the country of Greece is 10,454,000 people, a third of them live in Athens. The official language is Greek, as well as English French Italian German, but who speaks very little. In Greece, the most beautiful and beautiful hotels where you can relax very well.

You can save through charter flights. Despite the economic crisis, the flow of tourists to Greece has not decreased, but on the contrary, it has also increased.

Airports of Greece

In total, the country has about 50 airports, but the largest number of tourists take 4 main airports in the country. «Athens Eleftherios Venizelos» is the largest airport in the country, it is located near the capital, you can get to Athens from the airport using a bus or a taxi. Airport «Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis» takes tourists who go to the island of Crete, and airports «Megas Alexandros» and «Thessaloniki Macedoni» take tourists who go to such tourist places as «Macedonia» and the cities of Chrysopouli and Kavala.

Best time to vacation in Greece

The swimming season is the most suitable time to visit Greece, it starts at the end of May and ends in October. Tourists who want to visit historic sites are advised to come in late spring, when there are still few tourists, and the weather is wonderful and warm. For those who want to sunbathe on the beach, the hot months, July and August, will do. Mostly in Greece is very mild, Mediterranean weather, perfect for tourists.

Holiday features

In Greece, not only beach holidays and excursions can be offered skiing on one of the 20 mountain slopes. Ski vouchers to Greece are well bought up thanks to the good slopes of the slopes. As well as in Greece you can meet fitness centers, where you can not only keep your figure but also significantly improve it.

History reference

The Greek Republic, the official name of this country, is a very frequently visited state. Since in Greece, beach holidays are organically combined in the form of luxury hotel complexes, clean Mediterranean Sea and hot sand, and numerous architectural monuments and cultural attractions of a centuries-old country. Visiting tourists have the opportunity to visit all the main cultural, historical and religious shrines of the country, and soak up the sun.

Greece is located on the territory of the European continent, in the southernmost part of it — the Balkan Peninsula. On the northern side, the immediate neighbors of the Hellenic Republic are the state of Albania, as well as the Macedonian State and Bulgaria. In the east, it borders on Turkey. Greece covers an area of ??131.957 square kilometers. It consists of a peninsula and more than 200 islands of a small territory. Despite the fact that this Balkan state has a rather small territory, it nevertheless can surprise even the most sophisticated tourist with the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. This is stunning, in its beauty and grandeur, mountain ranges, and fabulous olive groves, and golden beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

Almost every big city in Greece is very old and has a long history. For example, what is worth visiting is the most beautiful port city of Volos, which is famous for its luxurious 19th century mansions built in neoclassical style, as well as numerous churches such as Metamorphosis (Transfiguration) and Agias Triadas (St. Trinity), Agiou Constantine (St. Constantine) and Agiou Nicolau (St. Nicholas). In addition, Greece is the capital of Orthodoxy. Thousands of pilgrims and believers come here every year to pray and take away all their sins in historic churches and churches. Whatever you may say, Greece is an excellent country, with its wonders and culture.

Rest features and climate

One of the most beautiful countries on our planet is, by right, considered to be such a European country as Greece. For many years this state has been one of the most frequently visited by tourists and simply lovers of good and high-quality rest. This Balkan state has very favorable climatic conditions that allow you to spend time relaxing with true enjoyment. The holiday season in the Hellenic Republic begins in the last month of spring.

July and August are considered the hottest months, during this time of the year the positive temperature reaches 32-35 degrees. But, paradoxically, this seemingly unbearable heat in this truly heavenly place is transferred very easily and almost imperceptibly, even for residents from northern countries, and all thanks to a light sea wind and a moderately humid climate. The official name of this Balkan country is the Hellenic Republic.

Culture and Sights

Well and, of course, especially worth noting the glorified ancient Greek civilization, the origins of which can be seen here, literally, everywhere.

According to an ancient legend, the gods chose this particular territory as the place of their permanent residence, settling on Mount Olympus. Every tourist, at least once, who visited Greece, remains fascinated all his life by its unique rich culture of more than 5 thousand years. It was here that one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world was formed, the fruits of the existence of which humanity enjoys at the present time. These are picturesque monuments of architecture, sculpture, literary works, philosophical works of Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes and many others. It was from here that Christianity came to the countries of the whole world, including Ancient Russia, now the most widespread world religion.


The territory of Greece today is a real museum, the uniqueness of which lies in the fact that it is located under the open sky. The Greek Peninsula of Halkidiki, in its configuration, repeats the shape of a trident, which, as it were, pierces the territory of Aegea and extends 120 km into the Aegean Sea. If you believe the mythology, it was here that famous titans lived, who were the main rivals of the ancient Greek gods.

It is believed that during the battle with these mythical creatures, the god of the sea Poseidon lost his trident — this is how this legendary peninsula of Chalkidiki was formed. Continuing the description of the legend — the giant Athos, in a fit of rage, threw a huge stone at the gods, which is currently the sacred mountain Athos.