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Airline tickets to India

Tourism in India

There are many places in the world that I would like to visit, everywhere there are their own features and attractions. Certainly this is so, wherever you go everywhere you have something to look at, but I would like to draw your attention to one country that is not similar to others. We are talking about India, it is here that there is something that is not in the rest of the world. Namely, India is the most spiritual country in the world, it is in India that most temples and monasteries are located.

Only in this country can you feel the legacy of our ancestors, who gave us their knowledge and wisdom. These are of course the Vedas, which are a worldwide heritage. The Vedas, that is, knowledge, do not belong to either Hinduism or India; they are international, they were written by common ancestors to us all. The Vedas are more than five thousand years old, they came to us from the depth of ages.

History reference

The Republic of India is a state in South Asia. This democratic country, which ranks seventh in the world in terms of area and second in terms of population. It is India that is home to such religions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. In general, India as an open-air museum, where anyone can touch the thousand-year history, see the world monuments of civilization, and literally in a few hours to descend from the snowy slopes of the Himalayas mountains to the hot tropics and golden beaches. Attracting tourists from all over the world is also the fact that you can relax in the resorts of India: in Bombay, Delhi, Jaipur all year round. Visiting India, you will remember for a long time its greatness and beauty of culture: temples, ancient buildings, nature. Fabulous beaches, various spa procedures, a lot of entertainment and famous foam discos will not be ignored.

Airports of India

The airports of India are divided into transit (domestic flights) and international. Tourists are more interested in international airports, there are more than ten of them in India, their number is constantly changing in connection with the conclusion of contracts on international flights with airlines.

The best time to travel to India

As is known, in India there are only three seasons — summer, monsoon, winter. The weather varies depending on the season, but the weather is different in different parts. Therefore, travelers have allocated some notes for their itineraries. In the summer in India is very hot, the best places to travel are the mountains. Monsoons — time to visit small Tibet. Winter is the best time to travel to the south of the country, where sandy beaches and moderate warm weather are waiting for you.

Holiday features

India is the country that preserved the original culture that our ancestors lived many thousands of years ago. Other countries, of course, also try to preserve the foundations of their culture, but for one reason or another their heritage has been lost, to a greater or lesser extent. And only in India, the spiritual heritage of the ancestors remained unchanged. Despite the poverty of some, and the wealth of others, spirituality in India has one face. Both poor and rich are worshiped by saints, they honor all the saints, all the holy scriptures. Feel this all-embracing spirituality, you can only visit this wonderful country. You change your attitude, after a trip to India, many people have already seen this. India is waiting for you, be sure to visit this country at the earliest opportunity.