Australia’s Unique Places

Flinders Chase National Park

Australia's Unique Places

There are a lot of places in Australia that you definitely need to see, but the Flinders Chace National Park is considered to be the most amazing attraction of the green continent.

This park is located on the island of Kangaroo, at a distance of about two hundred kilometers from the city of Adelaide, which is the capital of South Australia. The territory of the Flinders Chase is famous for a huge number of relict plants and endangered species of animals that are no longer found anywhere on the planet. Read more …


Rock uluru

Australia's Unique Places

Uluru Rock In the heart of Australia is located one of the most visited attractions in the world — the Uluru Rock. There is no such monolith on the planet. On closer examination, on deep and smooth at first glance slopes one can see deep grooves. These traces were left by a sharp change in the temperatures of the hot day and the night cold of the desert. Erosion is completed by annual hurricanes with heavy rains. In exactly the same way, abrupt changes in temperature have also formed caves at the foot of the rock. On their walls are preserved drawings of primitive artists. Read more …


Coastal Cappuccino

Australia's Unique Places

coastal cappuccino A natural phenomenon that is very rarely seen is sea foam or the Cappuccino Coast, the “coastal cappuccino”. It was observed in various parts of the world, mainly in the southern hemisphere, in Australia and Africa. The spectacle is very reminiscent of a huge bath, which turned the sea. Moreover, a bath with foam.
Therefore, local residents, comparing the phenomenon with a popular cappuccino — coffee with cream, gave it a second name — Cappuccino Coast. Read more …


Morning gloria

Australia's Unique Places

Morning Gloria An amazing and rather rare natural phenomenon called Morning Gloria or Morning Splendor, if you translate the English name literally, can be seen during the Australian spring, in September or October, in the town of Burktaune in Australia.

This phenomenon is an unusual type of clouds, similar to a fur and a very long collar. A rare meteorological phenomenon is observed every year in the spring in the Australian Gulf of Carpentaria and much less often in other areas of the planet. Read more …


Whitsunday Beach Australia

Australia's Unique Places

Australian Whitsandy BeachThe Australian Great Barrier Reef has conquered tourists with the beauty of the amazing Whitesundy Beach. Every year, warm sand takes in the arms of thousands of tourists. Unusual white shade gives it silica. The substance has cooling properties. The midday heat does not heat the coast, the sand always remains cool. Sometimes, in the midst of the midday heat, an icy wind blows in. Coral reefs shine with beauty through the clear water. Washed in turquoise waves, the white sandy ridges form a striking spectacle. The coast of the Whitsunday Archipelago is a natural anomaly. Read more …


SS Ayrfield Floating Forest

Australia's Unique Places

SS Ayrfield in Australia: floating mangroves The mouth of the Parramatta River in Sydney is famous for the unusual ship that turned into an island. The old abandoned ship SS Ayrfield has long stranded on the Australian coast. Over time, the majestic mangroves sprouted on board, forming a floating green island. The length of the ship is about 80 m. Evergreen trees turned the rusty construction into a real miracle of nature. Powerful trunks firmly occupied the former cabins, making the ship look like a hero of fairy tales. The beauty of the old ship emphasizes the surrounding landscape. On the coast is a modern area built for the 2000 Olympics. Read more …


Horizontal Waterfalls in Australia

Australia's Unique Places

horizontal waterfalls in AustraliaAn the northwestern coast of Australia is an amazing place — horizontal waterfalls. In the view of most, a waterfall is sheer falling water streams. Australia offers tourists unusual waterfalls. Their height is only 5 meters, but they are able to surpass the highest competitors with beauty. At the site of their formation, natural channels connect the freshwater Poulton Creek with the salty Talbot, winding between mountain ranges. Under the action of the tide, a calm surface turns into noisy streams. Salt water rushes into a fresh lake, creating a beautiful sight. Read more …


Makepeace — an island in Australia in the shape of a heart

Australia's Unique Places

Makepeace — an island in Australia in the shape of a heart Australia is ready to give her heart to lovers of luxury holidays. Makepeace Island, resembling a heart, is located not far from the east coast. He is the private domain of the Briton Richard Branson. Romantic place can satisfy any desire of discerning tourists. Dense forests, rare animals, plants, excellent service awaiting fans of solitude. The nearby river Nusa is densely populated with crocodiles. Diving will allow you to see the charming reefs. On the territory there are 3 luxury hotels. Read more …